Building a webshop on .NET platform

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Under the current circumstances it is nearly a must for the enterprises, which work in the retail trade, to operate a webshop. This way they will have the opportunity to target and reach potential customers. When creating a webshop, there are a lot of possibilities for us to choose from.

The most important thing is to have the framework.When writing my thesis, my task is to get to know the technologies, possibilities provided by the ASP.NET framework. In doing so you can come up with dynamic websites. Further requirement is to learn the framework of "Bootstrap" , which is , at present , one of the most popular ,widely used "mobile first" HTML, CSS, Java frameworks It is now possible to create a first-class webshop when using these frameworks together , which meet the present requirements .

When working on my thesis, I am making an easily used mobile application. The interface is ergonomic, the surface is easy to handle, the access to the sites is simple, which was also an important point. It is vital for the businesses, which operate the sites, to maintain them fast and easily, so I am going to put emphasis on creating the surface of administration while writing my thesis.

In the first part of my essay I will be dealing with the technologies, frameworks used during the initial process of creating them, later on I will turn my attention to the development of the webshop after I have shown the way it works. In the development section ,after presenting the websites available to users and providers alike , I will be trying to show you the models relating to the design of webstores, and after that I will have a look at the models and the departments responsible for the user's control interface . The last chapter of the thesis will be about the grading of the webstore and the possible developments in the future.


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