Design and Development of a Webshop Engine

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

These days, we are doing more and more online shoppings, for which the using of webshops is necessary. However, we recognized, that the webshops use similar data, and their operations are based on similar logic, so this is why we would like to generalize them.

The intention of the application is to give a framework to serve the running of more than one webshops. To do this, we develop a web application, which can load webshop-specific data into a general template, but under them the application logic and the database is the same.

Each of the webshops is created by the administrators, who upload the product offers into them, too. The users can browse the offers of any of the existing webshops, and after registration, they can buy anything from them.

I implemented this with AngularJS and Node.js. The database implementation uses MySQL and MongoDB together to combine their advantages.

I implemented the routing, the two modes of database handling, the authentication and the authorization, the picture uploading, the upload of special attributes, and a stored procedure.


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