Planning and implementation of Web CRM system

OData support
Dr. Szűcs Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics


AAM Management Information Consulting Ltd gave me the task to take part in the

development of their new product, namely a SaaS based client management software. The

product is a collaborative CRM system for small– and medium sized enterprises (SME),

which I have realized on .Net platform, in c# language. Important functions are to support

processes of partnership management, task management, commission operative task

management and campaign management. Due to its dynamically variable metadata struc-

ture the same software engine is capable to execute a lot of different tasks.

In my thesis, I have analyzed the features of different CRM systems on the market

and also their area of use. Then I have defined development methodology, and the distribu-

tion of tasks.

I have set the expected functions in the functional planning, and discussed the non-

functional requirements, which applies to the architecture, the user interface and to the

operation of the software.

In the next part I have introduced the technologies that I have used during the devel-

opment and made an outline of the metadata concept of the system.

In the technical planning I have demonstrated the three-tier architecture of the sys-

tem and explained the advantages of the separated tiers. I have presented the functions,

which are not closely related to the requirements, however they are important parts of the

system. Then I have made a detailed analysis of the implemented tiers and blocks and a

short description of the user interface. At last I have introduced the data structures used in

the system.

At the end I have summarized my work, highlighted some of my experiences and

shown useful features for a possible future development.


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