Web application development to support procurement processes of a QAD customer

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

Within my thesis my task was to create an inventory management system based on VMI principles, with which a key supplier can manage its customer’s QAD EA blanket orders and sales orders via the internet. The realization had two main steps. First, I had to create a web interface on which the vendor can view the customer’s inventory data – on blanket orders and sales orders – and on which the vendor can manage those. On the other hand I had to make changes in the QAD EA database which the operating model is based on, because it was necessary to build up the logic, which can handle the data flow. Then I had to connect the two sides, so that the transaction data between the database and the web be proper and smooth.

In case of making the web interface I used Bootstrap framework which I customized according to the system’s needs. This framework uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes with which I was able to develop a structured and clear, user-friendly environment. The development environment mostly was the Adobe Dreamweaver and the Notepad++ programs.

On the server side I had to build up the logic which is able to operate the whole system, the web application and the QAD EA together. For this I used progress codes which made the changes on the QAD system. These changes ensure that the logic of the modeling could be implemented.

For the client-server connection I used ODBC technology and PHP codes. The web client connects to the progress database via ODBC and the data transfer takes place through this.


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