Full-stack web application for organiser and developer teams based on JavaScript technologies

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, the presence and necessity of web applications is unquestionable. These applications may deploy many technologies in order to serve the user demands more nicely, more comfortably, more quickly and more effectively. The JavaScript, which is now one of the most widespread modern web programming languages, is base of many web frameworks. With these technoligies, it is easier to complete the requirements mentioned above.

The multinational corporations strive for dividing the problems and tasks into many smaller but more accurate groups, units in order to assign employees directly to an issue or to different subparts of it. I have beencharged developing this kind of application for Nokia Solutions and Networks Kft. The purpose of the application is to manage and represent the mesh connections between lots of units, organizations, groups and clusters of employees and the flow of data and information, or rather to fulfil user requests as efficiently as possible.

The initial goal of my degree thesis is to get to know and to use the several modern web JavaScript technoligies successfully, which are used by the application, and primarly focus on MongoDB database management system, which is responsible for storing and managing. After these, I'm going to develop many new features for the application and also I'm going to rewrite and repair old features in order to eliminate defects and weaknesses. Also, I would like to get to know the Python language properly in order to write scripts to represent clear data extracts (e.g.:xlsx, pptx) from an organization or units and those data and information.


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