Parallel Development of Desktop and Mobile Web Applications

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Dr. Heszberger Zalán Tamás
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The multifaceted and branching development of web applications and its technologies have been further complicated since the launch of mobile platforms. The limited resources, computational and display properties of mobile devices make it difficult for application developers to work. On a mobile platform, running native programs is optimal, while on desktop the web version is the obvious choice. The current custom is to develop a separate web and mobile application, but it requires more time, energy, and money.

In recent years, several development trends have been trying to solve the problem. The goal is to develop an application development methodology that can be used to create both a mobile and a desktop environment using a single development process. The React Native JavaScript Framework developed by Facebook and its react-native-web open source library enables parallel multiplatform development for the web as well as two leading mobile platforms for the market, iOS and Android.

The purpose of my dissertation is to examine this methodology and to explore its advantages and disadvantages through a project implemented in this way.

During my work, I reviewed the methods developed and widespread in recent years, and then studied React Native and react-native-web libraries.


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