Development of a WEB user interface for QAD Enterprise Applications ERP system

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

In this master’s thesis I have planned an information system that suits the requirements of a typical retail enterprise; furthermore on the basis of plans I developed a web application with graphical user interface that provides access to the undermentioned functions of QAD Enterprise Applications ERP system: customer maintenance, sales order recording and accounting. Filling in of data fields is supported by intelligent lookup screens.

Since the system has been developed for a retail enterprise, sales order recording and accounting is implemented in one screen, using the pending invoice maintenance function of QAD.

In QAD EE one can maintain customer data in two or three steps so I have implemented this function in two separate functions. These are business relation maintenance and customer maintenance.

Server side code of the application is implemented in Java, the client side contains HTML5, CSS and JavaScript code. As server side framework I used a program I have created earlier, on the client side I used JQuery library and Knockout framework. The user interface was created by using DevExtreme widgets. For the communication between QAD and my application QXtend with SOAP web service calls are used.

In the course of my thesis’ creation I have developed a web application with graphical user interface that enables the use of QAD’s selected business functions.

This application is unique, because currently neither QAD, nor the enterprise ISYS-ON, QAD’s exclusive distributor in Hungary do not provide any web applications with real 3-tier architecture that suits today’s user requirements.


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