Automated web applications testing with Selenium

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The Selenium Webdriver is a tool for testing the interfaces of web applications. This tool reaches the site via a browser and manipulate just like a user would do it. The main goal of my thesis to introduce Selenium and demonstrate its usage via two ways: mini performance analysis and remote automated tests. The demonstration includes basic test techniques and layers, in addition technologies closely related to Selenium such as XPath, HTML, Javascript, Selenium IDE and Selenium Webdriver.

In the first part of my thesis I introduce the firm where I have been done my research. After I talk about the basic terms of testing, its benefits and use-cases, including the different testing methods such as static and dynamic testing, white- and black-box testing, functional and non-functional testing, in addition I express about the test layers. I talk about the what kind of testing methodology can be used with Selenium and on which test level is the most efficient. I demonstrate the operation of the Selenium via pragmatic example using Selenium IDE, and then I specify the relationship of the HTML, XPath and Javascript technologies with Selenium Webdriver.

The second part of the thesis contains the description, construction and conclusion of the accomplished tests of the firm. I point out the applied language and framework and theirs gains. In the meanwhile I introduce the technologies which are not closely related to Selenium, but they are essential parts of the testing, such as post requests, state configuration before testing and database queries for data-driven testing. Furthermore I describe necessary methods for running the tests and logging (screenshots) in Linux environment. Essentially I apply performance and accessibility test besides data-driven testing technique. During the accessibility testing I talk about the steps connected to the Jenkins.

At the end of the thesis I provide some opportunity for the improvement of the ready-made test system.


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