Design and development of industrial data historian system with web user interface

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Data collection plays a significant role in industrial systems. Data helps to follow the product though the entire production process. Evaluating the outcomes leads us to conclude what improvements are required. Quality control process also uses the collected data to track down the affected products in case of defective components.

Data collection is carried out by computerized systems, so-called data historians. Data historians are systems that collect and visualize the measurements.

The purpose of this MSc thesis is to design and implement a self-developed data historian. The system will be used in industrial environment. The application is developed using Visual Studio 2017 development environment, C#, Javascript and HTML. First, the report overviews the existing data historians. After that it describes how I planned the architecture of the system. The report also explains the planning and implementation process of the data collection module, synchronization protocol and the data management and visualization module. Finally, the report analyzes the self-developed system and presents some ways how it could be improved.


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