Web-based graph and model visualizer

OData support
Vajk Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The subject of this thesis is an HTML5-based UML class diagram editor, which is used as an example for demonstrating the feasibility of creating an all-purpose modeling application in HTML. This document covers the advantages and disadvantages of creating such applications for the web, including availability and performance issues compared to a desktop application. The frequently used components of the UML class diagram were realized, it is possible to edit stereotypes, cardinality of relations, and roles as well as visibility and default values. This is adequate for creating simple class structures, automatically generating source code and easy to maintain.

This thesis contains a short description of the UML Class Diagram, goes into details of the planning of the application and discusses the advantages and restrictions of JavaScript during realization. Contains a short introduction to jQuery, which made writing the project easier, and to the GXL file format, which is used for storing and restoring diagrams. The functionality for exporting the diagram to Java source code and GXL format is done server-side, by sending the data with JSON. Finally, a summary of the application made is presented.


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