Online graph and model editor

OData support
Vajk Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Web applications have become significantly widespread nowadays replacing desktop applications. Reasons for this fact include ease of installation, lack of a need to worry about disk space usage and, in some ways, the increased security of data stored in the cloud. The in-browser diagram editor is a good example since we can begin a collaborative editing session in minutes using such an application.

The goal of my thesis is the development of a diagram editor web application, that enables visual programming and code generation in a real-time collaborative way. In order to achieve this goal I also needed to research the technology I aimed to use and to evaluate the performance of the finished application.

Javascript is going through a renaissance. It has grown beyond creating dynamic layout in the browser to the point where it can be applied to the client, server and database layers. This means it has grown into a full-stack technology. I aimed to see how mature this technology was for building complex web applications.

The result is a collaborative diagram editor which features a transformation template editor enabling various kinds of code generation. In the case of Javascript output, this code can be imported into existing applications. I found the technology to be efficient for prototyping, building modular applications and achieving elegant solutions.


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