Web-based graph and model visualizer

OData support
Fehér Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The most wide-spread way to use the Internet is the web which, due to the advancement in web browsers and related technologies, is capable these days of providing a user experience equivalent with applications installed locally.

One of the significant advantages of the web is its platform independence, meaning that it isn't restricted by the particular system platforms, because it forms a unified layer covering them which allows the running of unmodified applications on numerous different systems.

To analyze the network infrastructure behind the web, the graph representation of networks is usually used. These graphs, due to their size, are impossible to process by hand, they require machine aid. The vertices and edges of the graphs can carry data other than the structure of the graph.

This thesis describes the design and implementation of a web application capable of displaying graphs of large sizes, that displays graphs using the capabilities of the HTML5 web standards, staying within the limited capabilities of the client machines.

The application allows the user to traverse the graph, move its elements into a transparent layout on the screen and to display the additional information belonging to the elements of the graph.

The thesis reviews the available HTML5 graphical techniques, those being the HTML canvas and embedded SVG, and the libraries built on them, evaluates their capabilities and chooses the ones suitable to the task.

Then it describes the design process of the structure of the application, its large scale structure, and it details the implementation of the parts of the system and the used solutions.

Additionally, the thesis contains the description of the testing of the completed application with graphs of varying sizes and the analysis of its performance.


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