Web-based graph and model visualizer

OData support
Dr. Lengyel László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The complexity of the ever-growing world's needs grow larger which more complex modeling tools are needed, therefore a web-based designer application will be deveoped that is able to work effifiently on large scaled graphs.

To reach this goal, a software has to be designed, which is capable of displaying and editing large scaled graphs, save and load the graphs and sorting them with algorithms. After the design phase, the software has to be realized, tested and finnaly the observation obtained during the development and testing phase have to be summarized.

My thesis briefly presents the web technologies capable of creating graph editing designer. After that it describes the development process, including the planning of the model behind the web application. It also shows the planning of the graph desinger and the sorting algorithms.

The thesis then follows with the process of execution, including the compares of the sorting algorithms during the testing, the functioning of the parser in the save and load method and the problems and solutions that occured during the while procedure.


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