Web-based implementation of a newsletter management system

OData support
Lukovszki Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

With the spread of big user-base websites the direct communication in e-mail with the users became a problem, because of the number of users. The ensurance of this direct contact is an important job, because this is what makes it possible to notify users and to make marketing activity.

To send an e-mail is a simple and everyday task, but sending large amount of automated e-mail makes scalability and reliability problems.

The send of an e-mail is a best-effort service, and this is what makes reliability problems. After the send we have no information about if the message was delivered, and if it is, did the recipient opened it. It is important to be able to track the e-mails, thats why we have to find solutions, which makes it possible.

After successful delivery it isn’t guaranteed, that the recipients get the e-mail, because thesupplier can mark it as spam. To avoid this, the e-mail must meet the formal requirements and we must schedule the sendable e-mails.

Because we are talking about great amount of emails to send, it is important, that the system that makes it possible to be scalable, to ensure at increased load the fail-safe functioning, and not to loose data even at occassional outer errors. Scalability is the most important at points, which we use often, or work with great amount of data. At these points operations must be accomplished in the most efficiient way.

It’s not a new problem, so today many solution exists for newsletter systems, but between the available ones, there is no one which solves scalability and reliability problems entirely.

This is why my ambition is to plan, implement and test a system, that solves scalability and reliability problems entirely.


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