Design and development of an AJAX based web interface for an online language tutorial service

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Due to the rapid growth of public internet access nowadays more and more people use online services that make their work easier or their life more entertaining. Because I strongly believe in that the time spent online can be also fun and useful, for this dissertation I designed an online service that helps it's users develop their foreign language skills while they are having fun at the same time.

The main point of this service is that the users can organize the desired words with their meanings into wordlists that could be shared with other users so they can play quizes on them, together. BABBL is game written in Flash that builds word quizes from the elements of a wordlist. One round pops up a word and four meanings out of which only one is correct. A game with one list runs for a certain time and the users are to score as many correct answers as they can. The scores then upload to the toplists.

During the design of a successful online service considering the user experience is crucial. Without a seamless user experience there is no chance to be better than the tons of competitor websites. For my thesis I didn't only design the service functionally and archtecturally, I also designed the user interfaces in the terms of interaction and usability. As a part of this project I also implemented the site with Ajax technologies that required me to develop my jQuery programming skills.


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