Implementing a Web based order management application at a telecommunications company

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

First I had to search the market for methods and applications what support the task handling issues. I wrote about the ITIL methodology and introduced the Service Manager developed by Hewlett-Packard.

After that, I described the internal developed web application at my telecommunication company through they can track and correct the problematic or stucked orders. The application was implemented in PHP language with CodeIgniter framework. The code is extended with JQuery elements and runs on an apache server.

A new forgotten password solution was implemented. In this method the user receives a message via email to set up a new password. The new password is available only for registered users with valid email address.

In order to improve the user experience I had to redefine the layout of views with large list in order to get better loading perfomance. I limited the content of the loaded page and distribute the datas on separetad pages to ensure the performance.

The administrator view was extended to manipulate the access of other views and access of the tools. In order to use this I had to categorize the devices and assign to the right users.

To facilitate the work of the users I implemented export and import functions to help bulk uploads and make easier to save data sets into external files.

Finally I created a dashboard view for the management. Here they can trace the system loads and generate or analyze other statistical data. All reports are displayed on charts. To create these charts jqPlots library was used.


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