Web-based domain specific modeling framework

OData support
Dr. Mezei Gergely
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Currently, there is an emerging need for being able to model a given domain in the most simple way with our own toolset in a collaborative, platform independent and portable way without constraining the user of the domain to install any application.

The Visual Modeling and Transformation System (VMTS), developed by the AUT department, is trying to satisfy these needs by allowing to create the toolset for the domain. However, the Windows desktop version of the software lacks of the collaborative, platform independent and portable features, thus it cannot satisfy all the described needs.

The new, web-based version of VMTS has been developed by a team. Besides participating in designing the architecture of the complete system, my task was to implement the client side. The goal of this thesis is to present, through the web-based VMTS, the applicable solutions, technologies and the steps we made to design the architecture of the system which can satisfy the outlined needs. The most emphasized part in presentation is the design and realization of the client side created by me. Moreover, through a case study - which client-side and server-side interface that connects to the client-side was my work - I prove the usability of the solutions and I elaborate the ways of future improvements.

The system we designed and elaborated, not only proves that a field with this size and complexity can be transferred to a web based environment, but it also gives a solution which anyone can use.


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