Developing a web-based software license manager application

OData support
Tóth Tibor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the online web applications are getting more popular day by day in our workspace and in our daily life too. With these applications we can organize our life more easily and help our administrative work to be less energy consuming. With the potential of the internet, we can access these application in many ways without much trouble.The goal of thesis, is to create a web application which gives us the ability to manage software licenses with ease. The software will grant access to the managed employees as well, with restricted opportunities to enhance the usability of the application for more users. For developing the application I used the ASP.NET framework, created by Microsoft, and the Angular framework for creating a single page client application. In my thesis I give an insight about these technologies, and describe the important aspects of the design patterns used, the architecture of the software, and the potentials of the frameworks in aspect of my needs for the application.


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