Customized Querying of Web-based Content Management Systems using AJAX

OData support
Dr. Heszberger Zalán Tamás
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In today's world, the concept of web search is part of almost everybody's life. By the exponential growth of the amount of content that can be found on the Internet, the great search engines also get an increasingly prominent role. However, they are still not able to reach all information in an unlimited way - for instance they cannot reach the webpage-related databases unlimitedly.

The purpose of this thesis is to make a web-based content browsing system, which is able to make on-demand queries and to display data of a concrete service which has only fixed web access. In other words the system has to be able to report web-based database content in a way, that it can reach the given database only through the original access interface - achieving all these by using Ajax technology.

The implemented web-based software is a client-side script, run by Greasemonkey, which is a browser plug-in. The selected web-based system is part of one of the best known Hungarian web-based content management system dealing with movies and series. During its run, the script pre-loads a certain number of results through the browsing interface of the page. This makes the elements more user-friendly and provides additional information about them. The script gathers these information from external web pages (IMDb, YouTube) by using Ajax technology.


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