development of a web based travel management system: travel cost itinerary

OData support
Dr. Szabó Róbert
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The theme of my thesis is the travel itinerary used at the university. I developed an itinerary system in a web based framework, because nowadays a paper basic system in use. This program reduces the administration burden, because it has the possibility of managing itinerary costs and creating the worksheet that the employees use today. First I studied the old system at the department at the university. The project promoters announce the projects, and travelers can join to these. The costs of a travel before the journey must be within a certain range. Costs must be calculated before the travel. The promoters use the standard worksheet of the itinerary to review and judge it. Because of this, the form must be submitted to the project promoters. The promoters can accept or reject the itinerary starter. That is the way to start a travel. I consulted with my colleague, who developed the cost accounting part of the project. Together we planned the travel system. My department provided me a server where I installed the framework and the program. My consultant gave me a sample of the itinerary starter worksheet. I made the system in an object-oriented programming framework, called Ruby on Rails. I implemented the plans in a model-view-controller approach. I made a worksheet in the view, and the logic that generates the view is implemented in the controller. The model binds the view and the controller together. I made the promoter system, where the promoters can review the itineraries and manage the projects. I made an administrative system also, where administrators can manage the program and the users. I developed the security: the users can reach the contents only in possession of certain sessions. There are different types of roles: administrators, projects promoters, travelers, economic controllers. I made continuous tests during the process of development. Functional in usage: after adding some costs to the system the generated worksheet looks like the worksheet of the university. I examined the durability and the performance. I realized that the system can start and manage itineraries and can be a part of the management system.


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