Design of web-controlled wireless alarm system

OData support
Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the recent years, the need for effective protection of people and property is constantly increasing. As a consequence, there has been a sharp rise of demand for reliable yet inexpensive home security systems. In this sector, a large variety of solutions are currently available for residential users, yet only a couple of them offers more than basic remote access features. Even fewer systems combine an advanced remote control platform with highly secure wireless capabilities, and a competitive price.

This thesis presents a low-cost alarm system which features a complete wireless design. The elements of the system can be effortlessly controlled - even from a smart mobile device - from a dedicated web admin page. A system itself offers advanced flexibility and scalability, since it can be dynamically reconfigured (adding and removing of elements and sensors). The security features include a uniquely designed, encrypted communication protocol, which is capable of detecting the loss of any sensor or other element, the intentional interference of the radio links, and the intrusion of the protocol itself. The structure is designed to operate even during the loss of the external power supply. To achieve this, separate batteries are installed with the center unit and the sensors, as well. During the design of the system, low-cost and low-power electronic components where used to achieve an uptime of five-six months.


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