Bugtracking web widget

OData support
Braun Patrik János
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Having a web presence is essential for every company nowadays. Due to this

reason the number of web development projects is growing year by year. During

development projects it is necessary to have a high level of project management for an

efficient workflow.

In my thesis my goal was to streamline this process by planning and implementing

a bug tracking system. In many cases in order to follow the bugs and their state,

companies are using spreadsheets, which by their nature are not designed for this purpose,

and can only be viewed as a forced solution which in the long run makes both the life of

the developers and the customer much harder.

At the beginning of planning my service I compared the available solutions and

with the gathered experience I planned the system best fitting for common needs. The

focus was to ensure an easy usability for the customer, and to provide an overview of the

state of the project, the bugs to be fixed and features to be implemented (for all actors

involved). To make the process of reporting bugs even easier, I implemented a module

that can be integrated during the development process that gives the opportunity to report

bugs directly from the webpage under development. To cover the permission needs of the

service, I planned and implemented a flexible and easily expendable role and permission

system that allows to restrain access to parts of the system on a per user basis.

In chapter 2, I am comparing the available solutions, then in chapter 3 I am

discussing the designing of the system based on chapter 2. In the rest of my thesis I am

detailing the obstacles that occurred during the implementation and the solutions that I

came up with. Finally, in chapter 14 I sum up my experience that I gathered during the



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