Excel-based Testing of Web Portals

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Developing a more complicated project is a continuous process. Within this progress, newer and newer elements are implemented into the software or these are changing basically.

In parallel with the development the testing necessarily have to be continuous as well.

Continuous testing is not only used for checking the proper functional work of some of our components. Testing serves as an evidence showing whether a component works as it is designed or not.

Both developers and clients need evidence. Therefore, testing has a central role in agile development processes that have been spreading gradually nowadays.

As time progresses and the experiences are broadening, different test types have been defined and used by those companies that deal with software development.

This thesis examines a software which is able to make UI tests automatically of an xls file. It includes the architecture of the software, shows the working process and those designing and implementation decisions that are connected to it; as well as solution testing and evaluation.

However, the thesis is not only about the software mentioned above: test types supported by the software are presented as well as technologies which are the basis of the architecture of this software.


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