Planning and development of a Webshop application on mobile platform

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Today people typically wish to get solutions to their problems in the simplest way, within the shortest time and with the least inconvenience and investment possible. With smartphones gaining ground a key to the problem is often provided by an application. Nowadays it can be rather annoying when one cannot perform a simple task like checking e-mails or shopping online on their phone. In order to stay marketable, suppliers primarily need to be able to meet users’ demands and follow their trends. It is therefore no wonder that a whole host of various smartphone applications have been developed. Certainly, the most important user requirements that an application running on any other platform is to meet are as follows: The application should be simple, fast, and user-friendly. In my thesis I describe the process of planning and executing an online store.

With the help of the application, user is able to implement the whole purchasing process, from choosing the products as far as completing the order. The application will enable user registration as well as the modification of user’s data. User can get information about the available products and choose the preferred one. They can see their previous orders or the status of their ongoing order. In addition, user can add a comment or a rating on the product website. By providing contact information, the application will enable personal contact with the store.


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