Restaurant order management application development using websocket

OData support
Pálfy Miklós Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Thanks to the development of the Information Technology, we have been automated a lot of things. These automatizations offer us a comfortable alternative way to do things, and of course, can minimalize the chance of human errors.

Nowdays, most of the people cannot live without their phones, that is why I wanted to make a service automatic, which is not automated yet, or is not really available.

If we go to a restaurant, we will realize some minor issues, that can be annoying for us. These minor issues for example, when you arrive, you have to wait until the waiter gives you a menu. These menus mainly static, and cannot be changed frequently because it is a more complex task. After we got the menu, the waiter comes to our table, and if we do not make the decision about our orders, then we will have to say, "not yet”, it can be really uncomfortable after a few times. Or if we need someone to help us, first of all we have to find a waiter.

These minors will be fixed, if we make the whole process automatic. With the automation we can also reduce the factor of human errors too. So the aim of my final thesis to make an application, that can handle the whole process, which starts with our arrival and ends with our leaving.


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