Development of a WiFi-based Multiplatform Logic Analyzer

OData support
Kovács Viktor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My thesis deals with two topics. First, it describes the steps of designing and implementing a device for troubleshooting a completed circuit, and then discusses the possibilities and difficulties of creating an application supporting multiple platforms.

The main task of a logic analyzer is to visualize the digital signals of a completed circuit. However, efficient sampling and storage of these high-speed signals is not an obvious task. Different approaches are possible but most of them are very time consuming and cost-intensive. My job was to find and implement the optimal solution that can be done within the time available and can be solved.

Nowadays almost everyone owns a smartphone, so it seems a reasonable solution to display the measured signals on those devices. There are several platforms available, which are quite different in structure and operation. Not to mention that they support different programming languages, so it wasn't an easy choice what platform I should choose. This problem can be solved by multi-platform frameworks that require minimal platform-specific knowledge, as they allow a common code to be translated into any platform.

The interconnection of the above mentioned two topics are resulted a WiFi-based multiplatform logic analyzer that exceeded expectations, which is unique and there is no such tool on the market.


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