Integrating WiFi communication into an automotive sensor tester module

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The AE/ESI department of the Robert Bosch Kft. is engaged in automotive sensor development. In automotive developments the testing of sensors and control units is a very precise and time consuming process. Large number of units have to be tested simultaneously at inordinate conditions – such as extreme temperature, humidity and mechanical effects – for hundreds of hours. An easily portable tester modul can relive these kind of test methods. This tester is developed by the measurement technology team. One of the goals of this equipment is to send the collected data to a central machine in a simply, favourably wireless way.

The goal of my thesis, is to get know with this new sensor testing module and to get involved into its developement through realizing the WiFi data transmission. At the beginning of the project I will examine the possible options of connection. Then I will implement the most satisfying solution with the necessary hardware and software nesting. After establishing the communication network, I will create the applications for the embedded system and the data reciever side. At the last phase of development I will test the built up system and give suggestions for future improvement.


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