Wi-Fi manager for a Linux based embedded system

OData support
Naszály Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Measurement devices and their supporting modules are under development at the company, where I was writing my thesis. In measurement systems, wireless connection is an opportunity for forwarding the measured data, which means, Wi-Fi connection might be necessary.

Unfortunately, under Debian GNU/Linux there is no Wi-Fi manager, which is suitable for embedded devices, where desktop environment is not available. So, it was necessary to change the software components and replace the front-end layer of the system by writing a new user application.

Doing my work, I came to know the default system components of the Debian Wi-Fi handling. The wpa_supplicant component is responsible, for the use of the wireless protocols. For replacing the default components above the wpa_supplicant, I made a Wi-Fi manager daemon, which opens a Unix domain socket for connecting any user interfaces.

For presenting the work of the Wi-Fi manager daemon, I made a user interface built on web technologies. Having this interface, we can use the daemon. For testing the Wi-Fi manager, I made a developer and a testing interface too.

During software development, it was crucial to test it and find any mistakes, which can destabilize the running of the daemon.

To solve the problem, I created a Wi-Fi manager daemon that meets the requirements of the company.


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