Enhancing WiFi Multicast by Optimizing the Transmission Speed

OData support
Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In the last 15 years mobility became an important keyword in our daily life.

The spread of mobility is connected to the extensive use of wireless networks. The weakness of wireless networks is that they use air as broadcasting medium and this can cause many disturbances which can cause deterioration of signal. Mobile devices use more and more information to provide new services, and as a result multicast technology had to be developed. Such services include video-on-demand, and other multimedia streaming.

My goal in my thesis was to develop a mechanism witch can enhance the performance of wireless multicast data transfer.

This protocol is measuring a signal sequence to analyse the transmission medium and then use this information to change data package sending. This process controls and allows the sending and resending of packages and this way it improves data transmission.

To implement this protocol I used Oment++ simulation environment and INETMANET project application. The protocol was developed on the same layer as the MAC layer.

As part of my work I also tested the implemented network and for this I had to use a suitable test environment. The results of different case studies are also discussed in my thesis.


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