Real-time Quality Measurement for Multicast WiFi Video Streams

OData support
Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The persistent developement of Information Technology and the related services permanently challenges the service providers. The gradual growth of user demand requires the services' continuous developement. A part of todays current infocommunication services are based on the transmission of multimedia data. User satisfaction is a subjective measure, so there is a need of applications which are capable of providing reliable feedback on the quality of a given service.

The goal of my thesis is to implement a video quality assessment algorithm that can be applied to quaility measurement of video streams transmitted over wireless networks. With the evaluation of the results of the assessment, the montitoring and optimization of a given systems' transmission parameters is available and feedback can be retrieved about the quality of the service at the providers end.

The realization was carried out with a real time quality assessment application written in C programming language, and with the use of the results I performed the evaluation of the materialized system.

With the use of the results of the execution, adequate conclusions can be drawn about the base concept of the whole system and the functionalities as well as it can be a take-off to the realization of an analogous system.


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