Wiki Portal Based on HTML5 Technology

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The subjects of this thesis are HTML5 and its related technologies, as well as the practical application of said technologies in the development of a wiki site. Presented are the W3C specifications and standards for HTML5 and CSS3, followed by the client-side scripting language JavaScript, and Ajax, used for asynchronous communication with the server. Several currently used wiki sites are assessed in terms of structure and technology, conclusions are drawn, and possible applications of new HTML5 features in modern wiki sites are shown.

The thesis details the design of a wiki site: the chosen server-side language and database system, as well as the developer tools used in the project. The relational database and structure of the site is also described in detail. Furthermore, significant problems arisen during development are illustrated along with their solutions.

Finally, the end product is evaluated and observations detailed. Insight is provided into the upgrade possibilities of the completed wiki site, as well as the functions still waiting for implementation. Long-term plans are revealed.


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