Building a Windows Phone game UI with web integration

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Today, the proliferation of mobile phones has become a very general thing. All people need to have at least one of them. Typically, the workplace will also be given, and may also have one on their own. This is why the evolution of phones has speeded up and we have arrived to the world of smartphones. These devices are capable of much more than what we used to. This reason, it is important for the companies to provide more services to customers, thereby winning their pleasure. Smartphones are rapidly evolving in hardware and the softwares have to keep up with them. All company and manufacturer try to remain in the race to spread their products much more than the others.

Microsoft has also created a platform that allows them to break into the smartphones market. This was the Windows Phone 7.

My thesis is about a Windows Phone 7 based game application and a corresponding website. This is a Tower Defense game where we should destroy every creature entering the career that they cannot reach the end of the road. We can buy towers to achieve this goal.

The game was made in XNA. Firstly I reviewed the .NET framework and C# language features related our game. After that I compared the development for phones and for computers in XNA.

The website was created in Silverlight. The condition of the site was to deploy it to the Azure cloud.


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