Building a Windows Phone game engine

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Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In our days mobile phones are more considered to be a complex software platform than a device simply for telephony. In recent years the extraordinary popularity of smartphones has greatly accelerated mobile software development. According to a survey games come out at 16 percent of all 500,000 applications that have been uploaded to Apple Store, so thus games is the category with the most applications. It follows that game development – to mobile platforms – has a huge market potential, while it is becoming more and more difficult to satisfy the continuously increasing user requirements.

In my thesis I am trying to meet a part of these requirements. I develop the logical engine of a game made in conjunction with my fellow student, who is responsible for the graphics. My other task is to integrate a self-made map editor module into the given web frontend, which allows the user to extend the game, thus contributing to a better user experience. The maps made for the game are stored in a cloud service, and then an application hosted in the cloud serves the client mobile phones with content.

In the first half of the dissertation I review the technology used, and examine the alternatives encountered in the design phase. In the second half I deal in detail with the description of the game logic and presentation of the map editor module. Both main chapters can be divided into two distinct parts, since creating the game required a different technology than building the map editor, and implementations differ greatly from each other as well.

My work contributes to the final common product being a Tower Defense game for Windows Phone 7 platform, with a web frontend to which the players receive various services, which further enhances the gaming experience.

At the end of my thesis I suggest several options for further development and correction.


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