Implementing workflow to SAP R/3 with IBM BPM

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

As in any IT project, basically two questions must be answered: What do we want to create, how to comply with the functional requirements? And how can we achieve that with the available tools and technologies? While the former question is answered by the task announcement sketchily, whereas for the latter one there may be significantly different from each other, but acceptable solutions. It is therefore a great importance to the so-called design decisions that are fundamentally affecting the success of a project, the expectations to meet.

In the thesis practically raised these questions had to be from the perspective of the job - to serve a satisfactory answer. I had to recognize the business processes (workflows) not only in design but in implementation perspective too and with a sample process implementation I demonstrated the acquired real mastery in the underlying process-based approach. However, the beauty of the project in addition, is in the fact that persistent data storage should be originated in SAP R/3 environment.

Consequently, a complex, multi-component functional system had to be built, and these components could be configured in different computer within, but to be smooth communications, preferably in a platform-independent.

To implement the process I used the technology of IBM BPM, and the communication of between the application server and the SAP R/3 system is realized with web service calling.

Finally, I checked the success of the integration with testing. By executing integration test cases I evaluated the usability of the communication at the cooperating components. During the performance testing I analyzed the effect of high loads so looking for a system bottleneck.

In closing, I briefly described the complex systems used in the thesis, their connections and highlighted the potential expansion and further development opportunities.


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