Backend application for mobile workflow management system

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays smartphones are available for almost anyone, and they are rapidly replacing the older, conventional models with their increased processing capability, and thus providing complex services. These devices, or the applications available on them can even help with ordinary tasks.

As it is well known, mostly in industrial environment, the efficiency of work can be increased by several kinds of software which support workflows. These systems can run complex workflows with many participants, that can be completed through several different paths. Applications of this kind can help the organization, and they can ease the work of management. They have a big disadvantage however. Most of these systems are designed for desktop environments, and they are hard, or even impossible to use on a mobile device. Furthermore most systems of this kind are too expensive, and too complex for small and medium-size companies.

Combining the efficiency gained by using workflows, and the mobility of smartphones seems to be a good solution. The MFlow project on the AAIT professorship is aimed at developing such an application. During the development of the server application, it is important to notice that most users will use mobile devices as clients, and thus usability is a central issue. This means only critical data is required, since everything else would take away space, and compromise usability. The targeted audience also expets this approach, an overly complicated system could discourage potential customers. It is also important that the system is easily maintained, since it is a critical point in determining the price of the product. For smaller companies this is a crutial decision factor.


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