Design and development of workflow module for ticket system

OData support
Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

The purpose of this thesis is to present existing workflow management systems and workflow applications which are commonly used and can be found at any corporation nowadays. One of the most used and well-known workflow management systems is the Windows Workflow Foundation created by Microsoft which serves as the core of almost all the other workflow management systems which are built on the .NET Framework. The project management system called ExpressApp Framework which is the product of Developer Express Inc. (DevExpress) is also a system built on .NET framework, and its Workflow module is based on Windows Workflow Foundation and uses its many features. The internal ticket management system of ISYS-ON Information Consulting Ltd. is built on the ExpressApp Framework hence the system's designers requested a workflow management system which adapts to and can be easily integrated into their ticket management application.

Both the workflow module of XAF framework and the Workflow Foundation have been researched and presented with their solutions and the research results in chapter 2. An implementation of a unique workflow management system based on these researches and is tightly-integrated into the application and containing custom solutions has been presented in chapter 3. The integration into the main application, the complexity of workflow definitions and the structure of the implemented module required unique and special testing algorithms and solutions, therefore the testing methods and controlling solutions have been presented in their own chapter thoroughly.


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