A survey of workflow support systems in Java environment

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

My work was about finding and researching Java-based workflow supporting systems, then use them to create and test an application with my own process. The goal was to present these daily used technologies through an example. I wrote about each software’s uniqe capabilites and the tools that they provide us to create what we desire. Then what I created was a flow about the tasks of a computer repair service, with a built in Rest API call. Using some of the softwares mentioned above I designed and documented my service’s workflow. In the service that executes the Rest call, I used and processed the response of a webpage with the tools available in these systems. This message contained the holidays of a year which I gave in parameter. The collected dates determined in which way my flow continues in the following fork. After these steps I created and configured the user interface for each system, so that I can run and test my application. Beside the setting up of these Forms, I had to organize the input values into variables, collections and had to define the actions of the buttons that operated the UI. I logged in the portal, provided by the discovered softwares, as an administrator to create and configure the organisation and it’s authorizations. After that I could ran and test my work with the employees. Finally I ended my dissertation with sharing what experiences I have acquired during my task, evaluated it and wrote down my thoughts about how could it be developed further.


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