Handling XLSX data in SAP Supply Network Collaboration

OData support
Kovács Ferenc
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

SAP Supply Network Collaboration is a business software solution designed for customers with a large and complex supply chain. It aims to provide a foundation for communication and collaboration between suppliers and customers. This is done by providing an interface for accessing business requirements and the completion of those requirements. This information can be accessed via direct integration of enterprise systems of business partners, through a web user interface or via spreadsheets attached to emails. The component for the latter integration scenario is called File Transfer.

File Transfer transforms business data, usually lists, into the CSV (Comma-separated Value) spreadsheet format. Business data can be for instance a list of purchase orders or current stock data. Files generated by the File Transfer can be accessed via the web interface or sent out as an email attachment. Files can be opened in spreadsheet software and can be edited in a manner that is already familiar to users, therefore there is no need for special education of business partners. However the CSV file format is now obsolete.

This thesis aims to provide good alternative for the replacement of the CSV, the much newer XLSX (Office Open XML) format which is an open standard developed by Microsoft, supported by many spreadsheet software. With the new format the solution still preserves its platform independence while the functionality is extended with sorting, filtering, non-editable columns and formatting. Files are generated based on a document template, so they have a customizable look and feel which is more appealing and easier to handle for users. My solution can be dived into two main parts, a general XLSX writer application and its integration into SAP Supply Network Collaboration.


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