Youtube Traffic Analysis from University Campus Network

OData support
Dr. Molnár Sándor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays YouTube is the most current and most popular video sharing portal which main profil is not only amusement, but also dissemination of knowledge and education. Its popularity confirmed by statistic datas which shows that it accounts for 20-25% of the total Internet traffic. While made my examination paper, I become acquainted with the working mechanism of this video sharing portal furthermore with the request of uploaded videos and its technical background according to work at literature. I become acquanted with network traffic capturing programs in order to analyse it. Firstly I filter the relevant packets to me from the captured traffic with already existing programs and I discover the working mechanism and the limitations of these applications. After that, I write my own program in Java programming language using the results of analyse the existing programs. This program filters the YouTube packets from network traffic and it also download the metadatas of uploaded videos. Finally I make statistic analysis using the collected datas by both the existing and my own applications.


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