Development of software modules for supporting final exam scheduling

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

At the end of their university studies, students must take an exam before an examination committee. The management of these exams is the responsibility of the university departments. Due to the strict rules of the exams, the tight deadlines and the large number of students, the preparation of the exam assignment is a difficult and time-consuming task. With simple tools such as Excel, scheduling is inefficient and has a highly error prone. Scheduling requires a solution that can be used to complete the final exams not only effectively but without error.

In my dissertation I present the planning and implementation of a scheduling interface that facilitates the preparation of the final exam assignment and the effective verification of the completed assignment. Intuitive handling of the interface helps the user to quickly and efficiently design and detailed and complex verification tests help to create the correct schedule.

In my dissertation I will first introduce the final exam process and the information, constraints and motivation of the user to create the position. Then I plan the scheduler interface. In the next part of my dissertation, I present the process of the implementation of the scheduler interface and besides that the complex parts of the solution have detailed explanations aswell.


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