Music processing unit implementation on PCDSP6 DSP board

OData support
Dr. Gaál József
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In this thesis work a complex audio signal processing unit is analysed. This unit implements the most common audio processing features like analog-digital conversion, phase invert, delay, frequency bandlimiting, dynamic range processing, equalization, effects, mixing, e.g. First the algorithms of these functions are discussed followed by the report of the simulation and the real-time DSP implementation with its graphical user interface.

During the simulation audio files were processed off-line in MATLAB environment. The graphical user interface allows the user to set all the parameters of the implemented modules and to listen the modified audio file or analyse it in time and frequency domain.

The real-time application was implemented on the PCDSP6 signal processing extension card using its analog inputs and outputs. The algorithms run on the 16 bit Texas Instruments DSP processors contained by PCDSP6. The controlling user application was written in Java language and communicates with the card via PCI bus.


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