iOS Application for Improving Musical Skills

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Kundra László János
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

During this semester my task was to develop a mobile application for the iOS platform which can potentially help musicians develop their musical hearing by connecting their physical guitar to their smartphone and performing ear training practices.

I tried out the most common audio frameworks for iOS while working on this application to choose the most appropriate one. My choice was AudioKit which meets the requirements for the application to play and recognize notes. It is capable of playing the notes from the musical scale of a guitar on the connected output and capable of determining the plugged-in guitar signal’s amplitude and frequency. To connect the guitar to the iPhone I had an iRig cable which is a popular audio interface for mobile phones.

In my thesis I present the iOS platform as well as the design and development process of creating the application to demonstrate an applications way from the idea to the App Store. I present the prerequisits of the development and the required configurations to be able to upload an application to the store.


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