Wireless LED control with ZigBee protocol

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Dr. Berényi Richárd
Department of Electronics Technology

Technological developments targeting energy savings have become more and more important nowadays. It become possible creating building automation systems with enhanced control abilities, using the latest wireless communication standards. The results are imperssive especially in the field of lighting control, providing reductions up to 70% in lighting energy consumption for buildings. ZigBee is one of the leading technologies among the wireless communication standards, providing low energy consumption, low data rate and complexity. In my thesis I describe the conception and implementation of an automated system applying ZigBee technology for communication. The purpose of this system is to be able to monitor the environment and control the electrical equipment of a building focusing the lighting. The system utilize grapical user interface for monitoring and control. Furthermore the acquired experiences during the development of the hardver and software system can contribute to achive the realization of an intelligent building management system.


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