eBakter - Intelligent Model Railroad Control System

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Eredics Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Collecting model trains is a popular hobby nowadays. Many children’s and fathers’ dream can come true by building a model railroad layout, which is realized in an analog control system by the beginners. They run the finished layout using a power supply, causing that only one train can be in movement at a time. If they want to use a more realistic controlling scheme, or have to use other methods according to the layout’s size, they need a more complex system.

For the time being there are only a few solutions on the market. I will demonstrate the legitimacy of implementing a new analog controlling system through their advantages and disadvantages. This thesis guides the reader through the steps of the completion from the design to the realization of the software and the construction of the hardware. I will highlight the duality of the problem, the connection between the world model and the logical model. The software contains a simulator in which the designed navigation can be tested on the computer. With the help of the sensors mounted under the railway the software is aware of the occupancy of the sections, so that a controlling scheme similar to the digital systems can be achieved by guiding the trains instead of the sections. I will demonstrate the capabilities of the completed system on a railroad layout built for this purpose. Finally I will sketch an innovative automation option that can change the world of model railroad controls.


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