Building an eBook editor on .NET platform

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Processing an e-book without a special software made for this purpose is a very hard and time consuming task. Perfect result can only be reached if the whole book is checked word-by-word, and it is not possible to improve the quality in a relatively short amount of time. Books usually contains specific errors, like semicolon left in a word, or a linebreak that is not needed. These errors are hard to find using a normal text editor software, but an algorithm can easily filter them.

The purpose of the diploma is to make a book editing software that can improve the efficiency of processing books, can help in the error detection, and only uses human resources where it cannot be avoided.

The software supports the workflow beginning with importing plain text through exporting the finished e-book: importing, spell check, finding fragmentation errors, finding typography errors, styling, structure detection and table of contents generation.

The editor uses a custom file format, that provides optimal speed both during editing time and reading time. The format supports extension, it is possible to add other media than the default text, images, and videos.


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