Building an eMagazine application on Windows 8 platform

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In recent years application development and distributing applications took new direction due to the eplosive growth of mobile devices. Instead of former complex applications that had long-lasting development type, they often create task-oriented applications that are faster to develop and easier to maintain. Application markets are often used as primary distribution service instead of personalized home made solutions like before. Applications are typically cheap or free, however purchasing in-app content is becoming more popular.

The subscription and purchase practice of magazines goes well with this new model. Considering that presenting, navigating and reading on rapidly expanding mobile devices, is not only possible, but is approaching or surpassing the experience of traditional magazine reading, development of applications that makes subscription and reading magazines on mobile devices possible, is almost self-evident idea.

Introducing Windows 8, they presented a great new system which can run new Windows Store applications on both traditional desktop environment and mobile devices. The platform supports multiple programming languages with their own framework and UI describing language. They introduced a new application store which is similar to the marketplace known for Windows Phone.

Within the confines of the thesis, I was involved in the development of a Windows Store magazine reader application’s reusable code base. During the work I did specified tasks. Later I used the code base to develop a fully featured Windows Store magazine called Windows 8 Superguide, that can be used for downloading and presenting articles of magazine issues.


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