Vizualizing iGO releases in ASP.NET MVC

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

The thesis introduces the process of developing a new function in an application used in NNG Ltd’s enterprise environment. It describes the basics of surveying, designing and developing methodologies used for this purpose.

The company's main product is the iGO navigation system, which is available in several different versions. An iGO release (product) regarding its structure, beside the application, is a complex system of data(file)s. For example: maps, sounds, speed limit informations...etc. The result files are registered as components by the teams that produce the data files. The compilation of the releases is selecting and integrating the appropriate components. During the process of production several different quality assurance requirements need be met. For example: using only tested and compatible components, that meet the contract between the suppliers and the customers. In the company these activites are supported by Production Line.

The goal is to extend the Production Line application with a new feature. The task in a simple sentence: to survey the verifications of the product release process and support these with several visual representations.

The design and the development are based on the agile and the UX design methodology. The platform for the implementation of the visual representation is ASP.NET MVC. C#, HTML, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and JQVMAP technologies are also used for the implementation.


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