Evaluation of iSCSI services on top of Multipath TCP

OData support
Dr. Gulyás András
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In the recent years, the number of the broadband Internet users significantly increased. This tendency did not stop, it is increasing day by day. Over the years with this proportion the data transfer started to grow on the part of users and companies. The average users use one network path when they transmit data over the web. To ensure the redundancy and availability in an enterprise environment there is a need to use multiple network paths. We can utilize these paths by iSCSI service. With iSCSI protocol it is possible to connect to a remote data storage device and we could use it as it would be part of our local computer. There is an implementation to the iSCSI which supports simultaneously data transmit over multiple network paths. The disadvantage of this implementation is that we could use only in iSCSI service. However, the multipath TCP recently became available as a kernel implementation. This technology works with any kind of TCP connection.

My thesis aims to introduce iSCSI service and the multipath methods on the Linux operating system, as well as the necessary settings. Furthermore I configure a system where I can measure the performance of the iSCSI service. During my analyses I pay attention to the companies necessary performance and efficiency values.


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