Financial service support application development for iOS with Objective-C

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Mobile banking is getting more and more popular nowadays and is constantly evolving. The goal of this paper is to demonstrate the development of a corporate mobile banking application for iOS.

The client is being made for both iOS and Android. Despite the focus of this paper being the iOS version, it's important that the two version should have the same functionality and only small (platform specific) differences are allowed in the user interface too.

In my thesis, I will give a short introduction about general software development and about the mobile market at the time of writing this paper.

Then I will show the tools that I’ve got to know and use while working on this project.

Since the users judge the application mostly based on its appearance, it is key to have a highly customisable and clean user interface. I will be explaining how this is done in our application and will also be showing an example of it made by myself.

I will talk about Public Key Infrastructure and the development tasks related to it that I have completed.

At the end of my paper, I will present (also based on my own experiences) how the application can be customised for a specific customer.


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