Development of xRM Application in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Health Service

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

One of my purposes in my thesis is getting acquainted with the CRM, as an concept and then getting acquainted with the opportunities of development, database and architecture of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.

After studying the literature my main purpose is modelling a solution for health service and make a specific solution in Dynamics CRM 4.For making this solution I've used the processes, entities and knowledge of existing health service softwares.

In the course of developing this solution I got an insight into the inner and outer development opportunities of Dynamics CRM. I recognized how to customize CRM Forms with help of Javascript methods and how to get datas from the CRM's webservice using XML messages and display them on the form.

Exploiting this facilities I built such kind of custom entities, workflows and functions in to the CRM's framework which are able to support the job of a family doctor and to pass over informations for sales and marketing department of a health care organization.

I've made such kind of client-side programs for family doctors which are able to display the care history of a patient and display the attached images (e.g. blood test results) on the form. In addition after filling a receipt it is able to pass over the content of a receipt for an outer solution. Furthermore I wrote different programs: automatic age calculating, BMI calculating and automatic field filling (using webservices).

With all of these activites I've reached my goal. I developed a specific xRM solution for health service and got such kind of knowledge what I can use for upgrading this system in the future according the concrete requirements of real organizations.


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